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"في هٰذا ٱلْشّارِع صَوْت غَريب."

Translation:There is a weird noise on this street.

July 13, 2019



On this street, there is a weird noise.


Word-by-word, yes!


"In this street" marked wrong? Why?


English uses "on" the street, Arabic and Spanish (I think) uses "in" the street".


It depends on the context ... There's a dead cat in the street. There's a strange noise in the street. But, few children live on my street.


You are wrong. "There is a strange noise in THE street" is ok but "there is a strange noise in THIS street" is not ok. The first sentence means the speaker knows the noise is coming from where the cars actually drive as opposed to one of the buildings or yards next to where the cars drive. Notice however that saying "IN the street" instead of "ON the street" limits where the noise is coming from and I'm not sure that is what the Arabic sentence was trying to do. There is a strange noise ON this street would mean the noise could be coming from anywhere along this street including where the cars drive and also any of the houses or properties along it that are accessed from it.

There is a strange noise in THIS street would mean the noise is coming from the actual inside of the street as in from the asphalt or the dirt which make up the road. I don't think the Arabic sentence wanted to say that there is some bizarre thing happening inside the gravel and tar of which the road is made. Like Dracula got buried inside the road and is clawing his way up out of it?


"sound" doesn't work?


Loosely, "sound" is acceptable. But because of the adjective "weird", "noise" is more appropriate. Maybe it is just a matter of opinion.


ًWhat is weird is to have ON the street a noise!


No indication of "There is"!?


Please accept هذا in place of هٰذا because it is impossible to type the dagger alif on a standard Arabic keyboard (and frankly, entirely unnecessary).


Would "There is weird noise on this street" also be a good translation? (no "a")?


No - in English, the indefinite article is needed.

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