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  5. "هٰذِهِ الْعاصِمة تاريخِيّة."

"هٰذِهِ الْعاصِمة تاريخِيّة."

Translation:This capital is historic.

July 13, 2019






هَذِهِ العاصمةُ تاريخيَّةٌ


It can also mean 'This is a historic capital', right?


If you remove the 'Al-ال' before 'Aasimah-عاصمة' then it will become 'This is a historic capital'. 'Al-ال' is the definite article which joins the word 'capital' with the word 'this' making it 'this capital'


And هذا العاصمة التاريخي would mean "this historic capital" right?


I am new to this. I had trouble underdtanding it. Because I thought this would mean this is the historic capital. I was lead to believe that I have to translate the definite article. Somebody put it it in simple term for me. Pointer( example Haza) plus al means this and not this is. You always put the is after the al. Hope that helps.


I thought I had this sorted out, but now I see I'm confused. Would you mind writing out in Arabic 1) This is a historic capital and 2) This historic capital...? Many thanks.


I think so also, but I am not an expert. I am a beginner. I hope an expert will expound on this.


You'd need to get rid of the definite article for that to work.

هذه عاصمة تاريخية.


Yes, I think like you


If you're in typing mode and you submit it as:

هذه العاصمة تاريخية

it's not being accepted. apparently, you have to include the ألف خنجرية (dagger alif), which seems a bit harsh—I even had to look up how to type it on my keyboard! هذا is also usually accepted even if there's no dagger alif


I don't understand why someone marked iwsfutcmd's comment down. This seems to be a legitimate problem, created mischievously by Duolingo. I certainly wouldn't know where to find the dagger alif on my keyboard. Where is it on yours, iwsfutcmd?


I wouldn't say "mischievously", it was probably just an oversight.

Anyways, I'm on Android, using gboard, and to get the dagger alif, you have to long-press on the [.] (it's in the top row, second from the left)


Thank you, my friend! I've found it at last. Other people ahve tried to help me with this, but somehow I couldn't find it. I say "mischevously" for two reasons: 1, I can't see how it could have been an oversight, since native speakers keep saying it's not generally used in writing Arabic and 2) Duolingo have corrected lots of other things, so why don't they correct this? My next problem is finding dagger alif on my computer keyboard...


Two minutes of silence for those who wrote this is historic capital


I am concerned about the repeated use of the word "historic" when inappropriate. Can't we say historical or better still "ancient" which in my opinion reflects the meaning.


I think you're quite right, Maggie. But I don't think it's crucial. I think the priority is that the presentation of the Arabic should be clear, and that Duolingo uses techniques to get us to digest the Arabic, which, I think, they're mostly very good at. We're not here to hone our English, innit? :)


This answer is not different in meaning with my expression 'this is historic capital.' The word historic as used in both answer is an adjective


Yes, anxious 16, but in English we need to use the article.


This is historic capital doesn't sound like good english. I'd rather say this is a historic capital. Thanks.

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