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"هٰذا مَطْبَخ واسِع اَلْحَمْدُ لِله!"

Translation:This is a spacious kitchen, praise be to God!

July 13, 2019



Options that should be also accepted

This kitchen is spacious, praise be to God/Allah! This is a spacious kitchen, praise God/Allah! Am i right or am I wrong ???


I also put "This kitchen is spacious, praise be to God!" Duolingo has me confused as to whether "This X is Y" and "This is an YX" are said in a different way or not. Are both of them possible translations here or not?


They are different. When you say "this X is Y" you are referring to a known and defined kitchen. While "this is an XY" is referring to an unknown kitchen "without 'al' " and adding an adjective to it.


They're both right but I'd preferably say praise be to God. ^-^


In arabic: هذا مطبخ واسع . هذا المطبخ واسع Two different sentences although - understandably- sound similar to non natives

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