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  5. "جاكيت جَميل"

"جاكيت جَميل"

Translation:a pretty jacket

July 13, 2019



Is she saying "jameel" or "janeen"?


it's "jameel" - the audio is not really clear but you can see the second letter is meem ( م ) just written in medial position ( ـمـ ) ^_^


sounds like janeel but written jameel?


They should change the yellow color of fonts to red or green or blue. Yellow is so hard to see on white


Could it be as well "the jacket is pretty"?


Actually the correct translation would be "a jacket is pretty". We don't have here a ال (Al) which means "the" and is the only article you have in Arabic. To write the sentence "the pretty jacket" we need the ال in front of the word jacket AND the adjective pretty or else we dont determine it and its an universal statement about jackets... A jacket is pretty... Note we don't have a to be form (present tense) in Arabic.

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