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An English grammar refresher & comprehensive, distilled learning Hindi compilation for Duolingians ॐ

Here is a comprehensive and distilled list of materials for learning Hindi, including a refresher in English grammar for native English speakers that I've compiled over the past few months during my journey with you all here on Duolingo.

Hopefully others here can benefit from and appreciate the time and effort saved in their own Hindi learning adventures.

Please feel free to reciprocate in the comments with your likes and suggestions.


~Nandi M.


I recommend pressing F11 on your keyboard for Fullscreen and then Ctrl + 3x for optimal viewing of this post.

A native English speaker's refresher in basic English grammar for learning Hindi:

As a native English speaker I decided to take some time off from Duolingo Hindi after realizing I sorely needed a crash course in basic English grammar.

At only thirty-five pages long (Part 1: Grammar), I found "The Briefest English Grammar and Punctuation Guide Ever!" to be a quick and simple refresher for those of us interested in learning a foreign language (freely available online as a downloadable PDF).

Here's an excerpt from the aforementioned book:

“When English speakers begin to learn other languages they often find themselves being taught via methods that assume they have a basic knowledge of English grammar.

Some of us, however, have come through a school system that taught little or nothing of the way our language is structured. We recognize when things ‘sound right’ or ‘sound wrong’ but we cannot say why. We now want to study a second language, to read it or speak it or both, and we are non-plussed when the teacher says, ‘In German the verb comes at the end of the clause’, or ‘That’s the indirect object.’”

Of course, there are much more authoritative and extensive texts available on English grammar which is why I was inspired to invest well over a day in an exhaustive search on the subject. Part of my thinking was that these ESL/EFL materials may be of help to my Indian friends while I'm living abroad, namely (in order of preference):

The Briefest English Grammar and Punctuation Guide Ever! (download 500KB PDF for native English speakers needing a quick refresher)

The Chicago Guide to Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation (extensive, but includes a very well organized TOC; available as 11.5MB EPUB)

Woe Is I: The Grammarphobe's Guide to Better English in Plain English (an enjoyable but thorough guide and alternative to Strunk's "Elements of Style")

English Grammar in Use (extensive exercise materials included on the interactive companion CD - 4th & 5th Edition PDFs available)

The Blue Book of Grammar (1.5MB EPUB for mobile devices & 23MB PDF for PCs)

Learning Hindi Books & Other Reading Materials:

Teach Yourself Hindi by Rupert Snell -

https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Hindi-Teach-YourselfLanguage/dp/007176609X/ (lastest)


Elementary Hindi by Richard Delacy & Sudha Joshi -



Introduction to Hindi Grammar by Usha Jain -


Practice Makes Perfect Basic Hindi by Sonia Taneja


Unveiling the Atlantis of Sanskrit Phonology by Achyut Karve

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-jgSVqK5Ul3RHZwR3ItRHVPNkk/ (Full PDF; this one is more for the phonology and Indology geeks here).

Other books -




Learning Hindi Grammar Simplified & Google Drive Links:

http://www.learning-hindi.com/drive (highly recommended for simply understanding Hindi Grammar in more detail)

https://www.learning-hindi.com - Very helpful when first starting. Go through their eBook but more than anything the best thing is their Google Drive folder. They have heaps of children's books on there, some with audio, and many with the English translation as well.

Another Google Drive link here:


Other Online Resources:

Hindi learning compilation of top recommended links and resources -


Also highly recommended are the following Duolingo Hindi resources:

Duolingo Tips & Notes -


Duolingo Vocabulary List -


Duolingo Resources & Course Review -


Concise Learning Hindi & Grammar Guide -


Learning Hindi Videos & Additional Online Media:



Note: Place of articulation map included for each letter. The Sanskrit Alphabet Tutor linked here is another great resource that I discovered recently which comes very highly recommended for learning the Hindi alphabet ( वर्णमाला ) & Devanagari ( देवनागरी ) script.

Learning Hindi Videos:

My suggestion is to first focus on understanding basic Sanskrit phonology (the Shiva Sutras). You will learn to read the Devanagari ( देवनागरी ) script and then how to properly phonate the Hindi alphabet ( वर्णमाला ).

The "Mother Tongue" video series by Dr. Anuradha Choudry linked below (not available on Youtube) is an excellent resource for this; I signed up for a free trial recently and honestly I'm blown away by the quality of the content (I've no affiliation; this is just my recommendation):

In particular, both "The Sound of Sanskrit" & "Sounding and Seeing the Consonants" series.

Also see the Maheshwar Sutras by Achyut Karve (think of the Shiva Sutras as an ancient IPA but far more natural) -


Hindi Channels on Youtube:

Hindi Stories For Kids (learn the Hindi alphabet / वर्णमाला with words & pictures) -


A Door to Hindi (click links for Youtube videos) -


Hindi University -


Anil Mahato (grammar, verbs, vocabulary, idioms, popular phrases, etc.) -


HindiPod101 -


Easy Hindi (basic phrases) -


Curious Brain (Hindi handwriting) -


Book Box Hindi Kids' stories with subtitles -


July 13, 2019



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Wow. Such a major resource.

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