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  5. "Our helper is a good person."

"Our helper is a good person."

Translation:Pembantu kami adalah orang yang baik.

July 13, 2019



Technically, "to help" if translated into Indonesian is "bantu". But "pembantu" does not necessarily mean a "helper". I think "penolong" is more accurate for this sentence. (so it would be "Penolong kami adalah orang yang baik"). "Pembantu" usually means someone who is paid to help to do someone's housework or babysitting.

But the sentence could also mean that the "pembantu" here is a nice person since they help do the housework, always act polite, and not do mean things.

So... I think "pembantu" is accepted if the context is talking about how appreciated they are to know and have this "pembantu" (as in someone doing the housework). Sorry for the really long explanation, but I hope it helps! :)


Well for pembantu in the KBBI the first definition is a person who helps, the second is a maid. Maid to me is the more common use, don't really hear it as the first definition.

Penolong has no confusion with maid but can be also a thing that helps. I think Penolong would be right.

There could be confusion that help and helper can mean maid or the alike. It is not common for helper to be a maid and more likely someone who just helped on an occasion.


just cool cultural information for anyone who cares: most middle class Indonesian households have a "pembantu" who helps look after the kids, cook food, do the washing, clean the house, etcetera. It's a pretty respected job in Indonesia :) and really common as well.

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