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Suggestion: Add the "Urdu" or Latin script to the Hindi Course

Greetings everyone!

I am learning Urdu and would love to use Duolingo as a complement to an Urdu book I already bought, but I am unfortunately held back by the fact that it's written in the Devanāgarī ("Hindi") alphabet, which I cannot read. Since Hindi and Urdu are virtually the same language, would it be possible to add a Nastaʿlīq ("Urdu") script, or at least a Romanized transliteration of the words? It would definitely help us Urdu students.

Thank you!

July 13, 2019



I’m doing my first lessons in hindi, and I was thinking the same, especially since I already know how to read the arabic alphabet. But I saw some comparisons and think hindi and Urdu are not exactly the same. they use different vocabulary, different sounds, so it might not be very easy to do this as one??


This is a great idea that would basically double the utility of the existing Hindi course with only half the effort of creating a new course (if that). I really hope someone- whether it be Duolingo itself, or volunteers- pursues this!

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