"You never listen!"

Translation:Ty nikdy neposloucháš!

July 13, 2019



Wondering why it isn't "Ty nikdy posloucháš!" The correct answer seems like a double negative ("You never don't listen!").

July 13, 2019


Czech always uses negative verb form in negative sentences, often producing double negatives.

It could be also explained by translating "nikdy" = "at any time", "nic" = "anything", "žádný" = "any", etc. We just cannot stick with such translations for questions.

July 13, 2019


could be even worse that that. "Nobody ever listens to anybody." is negated all four times, Nikdo nikoho nikdy neposlouchá.; otherwise, we get a poorly formed sentence.

July 27, 2019


Use of multiple negatives in the same sentence is found in many, if not most, languages. There’s a Wikipedia article titled “Double negative”, which will tell you more than you could possibly want to know about this. If you’re a real masochist, you could also look up “Jesperson’s Cycle”.

July 31, 2019


Again I'd be interested to know why this sentence needs the personal pronoun. Is it for emphasis? And is it actually wrong without it.

August 22, 2019


It is NOT needed. If your answer was not accepted, you must always report the complete sentence you answered.

August 22, 2019
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