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  5. Un, deux, trois cats sank!


Un, deux, trois cats sank!

Chouette, c'est le week-end.

Being a dog, this alleged Quebec newspaper headline about an attempted drowning of three kittens in the St. Lawrence River caught my eye.

Does anyone else have any funny bilingual puns or translations that are clean enough to tell in the puppies' kennel?

July 21, 2012



Why is it greedy to eat two eggs? Because un œuf is un œuf.


I love that Edith Piaf song about the pink airplane. What's it called? "La Vie En Rose".


I also like the French Navy's muster call. In English: “To the water. The time has come!”. In French: “A l’eau. C’est l’heure!”


French powered garden tools: Lawnmower - "Coup de grâce". Line strimmer - "Oui d'accord" (think about it ... ).


@Mizotte - That one cracked me up. Wœuf!


Little French boy behaves badly in class. Teacher warns boy that she is in charge, she is the leader, he must follow the rules. Boy misbehaves again. Teacher tells boy to conjugate "je suis un âne" in all the tenses. (So much more educational than giving lines, don't you think?) Boy writes:

Je suis un âne

Tu suis un âne

Il suit un âne

Nous suivons un âne

Vous suivez un âne

Ils suivent un âne.


There's always Sam Vimes' complaint that the food in Quirm has too much avec.


@Mizotte - It's too hot in the UK to think at the moment. Is this just that the teacher is a donkey and everyone is following him/her? Or is there a more subtle joke here?
Can you explain or give me a clue. Happy to explain any of the others if you are stuck seeing the joke.


@Mizotte - I've had the a/c on and the temperature has dropped about 5 degrees C. I've got it now ... . (Je suis, tu es ...)


@1km - your first guess was right for what the boy wrote and your second guess is right for what the teacher intended the boy to write.

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