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"He does not have a pretty bag."

Translation:لَيْسَ عِنْدهُ شَنْطة جَميلة.

July 13, 2019



Should it be ليست not ليس because شنطة is feminine?


Is that the best word for bag?


It's dialect (Egyptian). The MSA word is حقيبة (ḥaqiba), plural حقائب (ḥaqa'ib)


Would it not be more appropriate to stick to MSA?


They said on their website that they are doing a mix between MSA and dialect on duolingo Arabic


لا عِنْدهُ شَنْطة جَميلة I went with لا over لَيْسَ Would this ever be used?


So did I. لا was mentioned in the hints, as well as لَيْسَ , but I got marked down for using it. I would also like to know the difference between the two words, if there is one (though the AI technology which runs this site is very erratic, and there may not be a significant difference).


Laysa is a verb and it is used to negate nouns and adjectives.

La is a negation like No in answer to yes/no questions; and it negates a present tense verb.


Should be ليستْ there isn't ليس عنده in arabic, please make the sentence with the soul of arabic language not the soul of american language

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