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Duolingo "motivational" messages... Why is this junk from the mobile app now invading web?

Starting a couple of days ago, on web (desktop) one of my accounts has been getting repeatedly inflicted by those so-called "motivational messages" from the mobile app. I'm surprised there hasn't been more discussion posts about this yet.

At least in the mobile app there is a clear option to disable/enable them (edit: apparently not in the iOS app either; only in the Android app). On web there is no such option. Why?

Has anyone found a way to get rid of them yet? Hidden settings, userscripts, glitches, anti-owl weaponry, ...anything? ^^;

For people wondering what these messages look like, here's what I mean:

July 13, 2019



Maybe Duo just wanted to let you know how amazing you are. If Duo says it, it must be true!


I just want the option to turn it off. Some people might like it, but I hate it. Duolingo can make everyone happy by just giving us the option to turn it off.


There isn't the option to disable it on the iOS app, but I know that some want this to be an option. I do think it'd be nice just so that everyone can be happy, but such is life. Sorry it's such a bother to you, but you can just click past it until you can eventually disable it.


Last I checked, there was an option on the Android system. I'm surprised there's not a setting on iOS.


Sure, but recently DL has been accumulating misfeatures like this, which are annoying many people. Why just accept them passively and not give feedback? How will they know a lot of people want something optional unless we tell them?

BTW, when someone is annoyed, phrases like "sorry it's such a bother to you" can sound dismissive, which can lead to arguments.



Duolingo has a talent for dividing opinion.

Why not offer the student the choice, like on the Android app of old, as to whether to hug or hide the 'motivational' animation?

Embrace divided opinion -- offer choice.


Exactly. BTW, I am also struck by how extremely divided people are by this. Three groups: people who hate it, people who are encouraged by it and like it, and people who take pride in being able to ignore yet another thing.

Optional would be best - I'm in group #1. Maybe a general setting, like "Include motivational features in lesson". Turning it off should disable things like this, but retain things like email reminders. Or is that just what I consider useful? :)


that seems to easy and logical to be considered at first sight.. x) they seem to be taking there time..


I agree with you. They are so terribly annoying and distracting! They just pop up in the middle of the lesson when I'm trying to concentrate on the exercises. It's like I'm running a race and in the middle of the distance somebody pops up and taps me on my shoulder so hard that I fall on the ground. They annoy me so much that I was forced to use the app instead of the desktop version. The worst thing is that I can't imagine any justifiable reason to force them on us. Their sole purpose is to distract.
BTW, there is another post about it: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33040962


I agree wholeheartedly, I disabled the wretched nuisance on android but now it's here with no option to disable. Why Duo thinks we are all 3 years old I have no idea but far from being "motivational" it just interrupts the learning flow. Useless, pointless and off putting. Please give us the option to disable.


"I disabled the wretched nuisance on android"

There wasn't initially an option to disable the animation. People made a fuss and an option was added.

There are a few here who seem to think we should never complain so the discussion tab can be left clutter free.


I like him, but would prefer if I would have him maybe at the end of lessons or something? No hate to Duo.


kind of my perception too..

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