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  5. "بِنْتي جودي"

"بِنْتي جودي"

Translation:my daughter, Judy

July 14, 2019



I think the translation "My daughter is Judy" should also be acceptable.


Yes I put a different variation "Judy is my daughter"


I think the key is whether there's a period or not. Period = "My daughter is Judy," No Period = "My daughter Judy."


How about verbal communication only?


The voice sounds something like bintay Judeh but I think it should be bintee Judee (long ee sound as in the way you are supposed to say Judy, happy, only, etc). Is this due to some regional Arabic accent or is the whole audio generated by a non human who doesn't know how to say things correctly? There are lots of examples of the audio sounding strange but I hardly ever report it. It just is frustrating. We have to put up with it because it is free, and i appreciate the effort gone into the courses. Hope it will be improved on.


Yeah I'm pretty sure it's just a generated voice so it's not always correct. Sometimes I check how to pronounce things properly using google translate, which also isn't perfect but it's better.


Yes, Amelia.A, I resort to Google Translate too, but in my experience, it's hardly better, in fact, sometimes remarkably similar. Perhaps we should try Forvo.com. Do you know it? Trouble is, I think it's only good for separate words.


After checking google translate, it seems that both 'my daughter judy' and 'my daughter IS judy' is بنتي جودي which means that both translations should be accepted. Lets report this as 'my answer should be accepted'


Why not "my daughter is Judy"?


Previously at "binty kabira", I translated "my big daughter" & it was "my daughter is big". Here, "binty Judy" doesn't follow the same logical pattern. Is there a way to know if there is a verb involved?


Just curious (second time I ask this) What is 'My daughter is Judy' in Arabic?


My daughter is Judy is grammatically correct as well?


I think both translations should be accepted. The Arabic is exactly the same


So you stick something at the end of the noun for the possessive pronoun?


Why not put a yaa?


Because she is not the one addressed.


"My daughter is Judy" is accepted now (thanks for that!), but it suggests there is an extra space between "is" and "Judy":

You have an extra space. my daughter isJudy

I reported this as Something else went wrong.


Well, that is progress. Thanks for telling us, typeface97.


Are you George Jetson?


I assumed that the next question would be "Jane, his wife."


'Judy is my daughter' that should be correct and acceptable.

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