[BUG] Type what you hear (Japanese) unusable with keyboard.

Since user can't tell if duolingo wants answer to be inputed in kanji, or hiragana the feature is completely useless with keyboard.

I suggest forcing word bank for that quiz in japanese course and reverting setting back, or option to completely disable this type of questions.

simple question example

my name is john: ジョンともうします

can be also written as ジョンと申します

It doesn't seem like an issue with simple sentence, 2 options user can remember. But the more complicated the sentence the more options to screw up.

This is another one

I'm from osaka - potential ways to write the answer correctly:








Well there's more but all those are read the very same way. However there's no pattern as to which one duolingo wants, sometimes it has to be all kana, other times one specific character has to be kanji, other times all of them.

As you can see user can't predict which way the duolingo wants to see answer typed in as such there are many cases where the answer is treated as wrong... even worse, at one point I had my answer treated as wrong cause I didn't add dot at the end of the sentence.

If feature is word bank dependent it should use word bank.

Another option is to ignore whether character is kanji or not, and ignore punctuation.

Of course you can tell people to turn off keyboard for those questions, which means users will have to switch it on and off for every question till they get annoyed and frustrated to a point where they cause potential physical damage to computer hardware ;)

July 14, 2019


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