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  5. "Are you a pilot?"

"Are you a pilot?"

Translation:Apakah Anda seorang pilot?

July 14, 2019



Why is 'apakah anda pilot' wrong?


You need to capitalize "Anda" even in the middle of the sentence.

Omitting "seorang" from this sentence is grammatically okay but socially incorrect, according to native speakers. https://hinative.com/questions/18234606

As you might know, "Anda" is used to address a person in a polite way. Removing "seorang" makes the whole sentence casual, so "Anda" without "seorang" is a bad collocation.

You can replace "Anda" with "kamu", but still one of the native speakers on HiNative says that "Apakah kamu pilot?" (i.e. without "seorang") implies the speaker is angry or he is a policeman interrogating a suspect. You can say "Apakah kamu pilot?" in a conversation with your friends though.

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