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Persian language, anyone?

Dear folks:

I've been wondering if there's any chance of a course on Persian/Farsi being introduced anytime soon. Since I'm studying it as of late, thought it would be great to complement that with practice on Duolingo.

Do please consider that.



July 14, 2019



I hope someone listens!


They will... So far we have found eachother.. And I would promise if we apply routinely for the incubator they will notice us. :) Chax to you


Hello my Friend... I dont know about you but I'm a Native Persian living in Tehran and I am trying to gather volunteers to contribute to a Farsi Course in Duolingo. I have applied to Incubator myself fo a Farsi course for english speakers. I think you can help by applying for the job. Im pretty sure it would help you learn new stuff and it would be a great opportunity for other Farsi Speakers to learn different languages. Hit me back to get this going my friend. Thanks Koosha


Hi, this is the Educators forum, for teachers who need help with the "Duolingo for Schools" software. Could you please edit your original post and use the drop-down list at top left to change the topic from "Educators" to "Duolingo"? That way it won't clutter up the Educators forum, and it will be seen by a variety of language learners.

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Where is ittt????


I havent seen an existing Farsi Course anywhere in Duolingo. I would be grateful If you could give a more precise link to it. the thing that you have put here is the link to the page that gets you to apply for the incubator. There I choose "Enter Other" from the list and write down "Farsi" and fill down the rest of the form. Is that what you mean by "upvoting"?

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