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Arabic... I'm amazed.

I decided to take a quick look at the Arabic course, but I have no intention of learning whatsoever, since I don't actually have any plans for it.

But regardless of that, I have to say, I loved the way it sounds! I am pretty sure I will never learn a language with a different writing system, be it Japanese, Arabic or Russian, but I never actually heard Arabic before, and I found it so phonetically (and visually too) beautiful.

Duolingo, thanks for introducing me to a new world, and I wish all the Arabic learners out there the best of luck (I'm pretty sure you'll need it xD )!

July 14, 2019



I'm doing the course. I'm not very far through, mainly studying the alphabet, but I absolutely love how Arabic looks. The writing is beautiful.


I agree with you! Good luck and enjoy!


I don't know about you, but the alphabet course - at least for me - is much farther extended past the "alphabet" sections. Bit of an oversight.


شكرا وبالتوفيق مع لغاتك!


Translated as: Thanks and good luck with your languages I think. :o


@DragonPolyglot thanks!

P.S: @RuwaydaAtH that translation was much needed xD. Thanks a bunch!


I took Arabic in college, and I'm loving the review and the bits and pieces of new vocabulary. I just wish there were more content! Does anyone know if there are ways to support the expansion of this course?


I only know that you should try applying to be a contributed. I am pretty sure your help will be needed :)


I've been really enjoying the Arabic course, and learning so much. It's exceptionally well designed. Thanks to the team who made this happen, you're doing a fantastic job!


Good luck! I like the course a lot too!


thanks if you go to the world Arabic caligraphy you will be even more amazed by the visuals of the letters


Thanks! I sure will :)


Here is an amazing Arabic song with Egyptian accent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wBvuZVE7FI&t=6s


A long time ago I learned the arabic alphabet (27 letters each of them has 4 different ways of writing depending on the place in the word. ( alone, beginning, mid or end of a word). It is quite easy to learn the phonetic way it works. You can read the written language quite fast and fair enough. But understanding it is another thing. I was in Morocco and could pronounce the text I saw on billboards etc, did not understand it, but our local guide - who could not read nor write - understood what I was saying and translated it into French. But I am not thrilled about the sound of the language. There are more beautiful languages on the world, sound wise. (added : but of course that’s a personal opinion. About sounds and music, everyone has an opinion. One you like the other you find ugly. )


Well, I do find it beautiful, plus, there is no such thing as most or more beautiful language, since that is an opinion-based criteria.

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