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iOS version no longer showing "pick a word" questions

I noticed recently when using my iphone and ipad Duolingo that I'm no longer getting questions where the words are at the bottom of the screen. I only get type in the answer or, occasional, multiple choice questions. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Typing on iOS can be frustrating, so I really miss having these questions.

June 10, 2014



I was just using the iOS app earlier (latest version), and I still have the option. That's a pretty major change for it to not have an update. have you tried restarting your app?


I did. I even tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. No fix. I think it's somehow tied to an account because it's happening on both my iPad and iPhone.


I'm wondering if they are testing this option on a few users to see if it help/hurts their study habits, progress, etc..


If that's the case, I'd hope it would be optional. It's really hurt my habits. I'm practicing a lot less now.


I did notice that this only happens when I replay a lesson, not the first time I do one.

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