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  5. "a neighbor and a neighbor"

"a neighbor and a neighbor"

Translation:جار وَجارة

July 14, 2019



This should be marked correct: جارة وَجارة


Even though what I answered was right, I don't know why the other answer should be wrong.


Well, the problem seems to be that they want you to write "a male neigbour and a female neighbour": Arabic has different words for male and female neighbours, so there is a difference between the two Arabic sentences. However, English only has one ungendered word for neighbour, so you can't indicate that in an English sentence. This keeps happening.

Also the sentence "A neighbour and a neighbour" is just not good English: one would say "two neighbours" or "a pair of neigbours" or something like that.


I also fell foul of this, but I can see the logic of why both neighbours ought to be different genders for the arabic to make sense. Lesson learned, I guess


jar wa jar is also correct, the difference is that in that case, there are two masculine neighbors, instead of a feminine and a masculine. I hope this helps!


Exactly, there is no indication of a gender requirement


A neighbour and a neighbour...my answer was " جارة و جار" and that was wrong cuz a right answer is "جار و جارة" Seriously? From where i should know that masculine should be before feminine?! Sometimes i think the idea to take my hearts cuz i give too much right answers))


Keep watching the ads..haha


My answer is جارة وَجارة , in English neighbour has no gender difference. So, if I have both female neighbours; my answer should be accepted, like many others with the same query.


I wrote جارة وجار and it complained that it wanted the male first! Other than being sexist, I think that with a question like that all four possibilities should be marked correct: m-m, f-f, m-f, f-m. Either that or specify: A neighbor (m) and a neighbor (f)

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