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Grammar in Arabic: Cases-Part 2[Nominative]

Yep. Last time I did this was like a whole week ago and in that whole week, I was doing exams, exams and more exams while most Americans were enjoying their summer holidays. I don't have them until the 23rd. My life's so sad.

Enough with my rant and let's get onto our topic for the day.

Cases. Last time was an intro. This time we'll be doing the nominative case also known in Arabic as المرفوع al-marfuu3.

This case is marked by a dhamma which is one of these bad boys:

This case is used in 4 circumstances:

الفاعل في جملة فعلية -1the subject of a verbal sentence

ذهبَ الولدُ إلى المدرسةِ. (dhahaba l-waladu ilaa l-madrasati.) The boy went to school.

المبتدأ والخبر في جملة اسمية -2 the nominal subject and predicate of a nominal sentence

الولدُ طويلٌ. (al-waladu Tawiilun.)

The boy is tall. Note that طويل is nunated (-un instead of just -u) because it is indefinite.

بيتُ البنتِ كبيرٌ. (baytu l-binti kabiirun.) The girl's house is large. Again, note the nunation of the indefinite adjective كبير.

النداء -3the vocative (addressing someone directly)

أيها السيداتُ والسادةُ... (ayyuha s-sayyidaatu was-saadatu...) Ladies and gentlemen...

4- It's also used with certain adverbs regardless of their position in the sentence.

منذُ (mundhu) since; ago

حيثُ (Haythu) where; whereas

That was shorter than I expected it to be. Wow.

Next lesson[not saying tomorrow am I] we'll be doing accusative.

Until then........

Peace be upon you all and have a good day/night!

July 14, 2019



This grammar series is exactly what the learners need to suppliment and make the best of the course content. Thank you.
If I may make a small comment, I worry that it might be a bit confusing to refer to المبتدأ as "the subject", and I suggest using the more informative alternative, the primate, or at least the complete name, the nominal subject, to distinguish it from the verbal subject that appears in verbal sentences.

Thank you again for starting this helpful series.


Thanks! I'll make sure to change it. ^-^


Lol that habibi joke, thanks this is so helpful

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