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What dialect of Arabic does this course teach

I was going to add arabic to my computer but there are soooooo many dialects to choose. which specific dialect does this teach?

July 14, 2019


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supposedly the one in use hereis the Standard Arabic (or MSA, modern Standard Arabic). If you mean by "adding to my computer" that is adding a keyboard layout to type, then this has nothing todo with the language actually. It's just the organization of the keys in the keyboard layout differ little bit from one layout to another. Technically, you can pick any you feel comfortable with.


thanks for clearing that up


to be honest it doesn't make a difference really if you really need an answer probably just use Saudi Arabia for MSA however duolingo doesn't teach MSA either way it doesn't matter


So if Duolingo doesn't teach MSA, what are we learning here?

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It is MSA amalgamated with words and speech style from dialects (specifically Egyptian and from the Levant region). And so far not much effort was put into grammar. Still Beta they say so I'm not sure how long this status would remain.

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