"My telephone is there."

Translation:هاتِفي هُناك.

July 14, 2019



Is there any big difference between "هناک هاتفی" and "هاتفی هناک"?

July 14, 2019


Not exactly, but it would be somehow weird to start with "hunak" (unless maybe in some form of poetry!) - but a regular (typical) order would be (هاتفي هناك).

Saying this though, it is about which one of the two words you want to bring attention to first: Is it your phone? or the place where your phone is? Whichever you want to bring the attention to as the important part of the phrase, put it first. If I asked you (where is your phone), well, both orders can work and the meaning will be delivered to the receiver (me).

July 15, 2019
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