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  5. "My team has won"

"My team has won"

Translation:Timu yangu imeshinda

July 14, 2019



If My team one and I'm a member of the team, wouldn't this be " Timu yangu tumeshinda"?


no, 'tu-' is 'we' so your sentence has 2 different subjects ('My team' and 'We'). You can either say 'timu yangu imeshinda' or 'tumeshinda'. For this specific translation, it's the former


Why can't we use IMEFUNGA? 24052020


'funga' is to score


And yet it has been used to mean to win on several lessons. Its ok - I accept this is something Duo is consistently inconsistent on so I will go and ask a native speaker friend of mine. As I say: it was my understanding that KUFUNGA is used is specific situations (ie when scores are given or the sport is mentioned) and KUFUNDISHA is used otherwise. Please check the lessons and I'll check my resources. 25052020

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