Why are there no verbs in the arabic course? I hope it'll be expanded, because the course is INCREDIBLY BASIC right now. If you can get copies, I prefer the Madinah Islamic University Arabiv Course for English-Speaking Students to this online course.

July 14, 2019

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I think it will be added later - not sure. All I know it's a beta version and it is subject to enhancement (hopefully ASAP). For sure you can't a speak or learn any language without verbs

The current version is only Beta- it teaches you the letters & a few words. I focus on another language (spanish) mostly while I wait for them to release a full, un-bugged version :)

Still in Beta. When it comes out, we'll see but I can't guarantee.

I agree. I know this is beta, but I understand beta to be "most features present, needs testing and refinement" rather than "only a small fraction of the material exists"

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