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"هٰذِهِ صَحيفة مُهِمّة وَغالْية."

Translation:This is an important and expensive newspaper.

July 14, 2019



For the umpteenth time, it is not possible to type the dagger alif in "هٰذِهِ" on a standard Arabic keyboard. Please accept هذه


Sometimes the indefinite article "a" is used with each adjective and sometimes not. What is the rule? This is an important and an expensive newspaper OR This is important and expensive newspaper OR what was shown?


When you have a demonstrative plus a word with ال, it means "this ____". (هذه الصحيفة = this newspaper). When you have a demonstrative plus a word without ال, it means "this is a" (هذه صحيفة = this is a newspaper).

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