"Are you from the city of Damascus, Mahmoud?"

Translation:هَل أَنْتَ مِن مَدينة دِمَشْق يا مَحْمود؟

July 14, 2019



It marks the answer as incorrect without including "هل" — which is right if speaking strictly Fus7a; but there should be a note about this if it's not clear whether the course is teaching strictly Fus7a or otherwise...

July 14, 2019


It has been made clear this entire course as well as the posts the creators have put out

July 18, 2019


"It marks the answer as incorrect without including "هل" ":

This seems to be another inconsistency, since in the previous sentence "هل" was omitted.

August 5, 2019


Is "from the city of Damascus" just a slightly redundant way of saying "from Damascus", or is this important? I noticed that another sentence had only "from Alexandria" , no City Of.

September 10, 2019
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