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[mod support] lock discussion/give lingot squished together


This morning I've noticed that the mod option of "lock discussion" and the "give lingot" buttons are now placed one over the other. I nearly locked a discussion trying to give a lingot this morning.

Here is a screen shot:

Alt text

I am on Windows7/Firefox. I have already tried ctrl +/- trying to get it to change with screen size. But, it is not producing any changes for the placement of the buttons.

Thank you for reading ^_^

June 10, 2014



Thanks Usagiboy :)


This seems to happen only after giving a lingot. Still pretty inconvenient.


I was wondering if others were experiencing it as well. Thanks for commenting KaiEngle! I tend to give out a lot of lingots, and often more than one at a time. So it's a real concern to me that I'll accidentally lock the discussion and not realize it. ^^'



I have wanted to become a moderator for a long time now. I would really appreciate your giving me support and information on how I could become a moderator. Thanks!

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