"I like writing and reading also."

Translation:أُحِبّ اَلْكِتابة وَالْقِراءة أَيْضاً.

July 14, 2019



The audio here has a mistake in grammar. أحب الكتابةَ والقراءةَ أيضا

the "writing" and "reading" are in accusative status and must end in -a not -i

July 15, 2019


thank you for that , the audio is quite confusing for beginners


well, it's a speech machine and quite out of control. Some users here say that some sounds and audio are changing. Not sure if this is true but let's hope it gets fixed to something better than this. Personally, I think more than 50% of the audios provided with this course are wrong.


Writing and reading are transposed in the translation.


In English you hear "reading and writing" much more commonly than you do "writing and reading." The Arabic sentence would also sound better with القراءة والكتابة rather than the other way around, but it feels less weird than it does in English.

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