"Giovedì lavoriamo nel ristorante."

Translation:Thursday we work in the restaurant.

April 16, 2013



"We work in the restaurant on Thursday" - should this not be accepted?

May 27, 2013


'We work in the restaurant on Thursday" means you are going to work there only on particular Thursday, whereas "Giovedì lavoriamo nel ristorante., refers to an activity which -as a norm- takes place on Thursday(s).

My own translation which Duolingo accepted was: Thursdays we work at the restaurant.

Hope this helps.

October 30, 2013


Actually, that’s what this sentence really means—we work there only on this particular Thursday. If it was about all the Thursdays it would have a definite article (you always have definite articles when talking about groups of objects—recall the guy who understands women). At least that’s what I learned from Duolingo ;).

August 26, 2014


You are correct. Duolingo is simply misunderstanding your sentence because you moved a word around.

February 6, 2014


I agree! That's how I put it

November 15, 2018


Should be "On Thursdays..."

August 7, 2018


Why not "i giovedi", since all of the rest of the days and months use that form? Some consistency would be nice.

April 16, 2013


it would actually be correct with 'il giovedì' because there is a rule, untaught by the site, that when one does something regularly on a specific day like 'i work on Sundays', then it is obligatory to write down the definite article, but when something is not regular like 'i work on (only this) Sunday', then you can't use the definite article, so it's either a mistake of Duo, or they meant the latter meaning. I hope it's clear

May 25, 2013


Thanks for pointing out that there is a distinction.

June 16, 2013


Is "Thursday we work at the restaurant" a correct answer? Why or why not?

February 1, 2014


Am i wrong:

''Thursday we work IN the restaurant'' is not necessarily working FOR the restaurant unlike ''thursday we work AT the restaurant'' Sentences are not constructed the same in english as in italian


Giovedi lavoriamo nel ristorante Giovedi lavoriamo al ristorante

What do you guys think?

May 2, 2014


She definitely said "nella"!

July 24, 2015


I said "We work Thursdays in the restauant" and the translation says "On Thursdays we work in the restaurant" is this not the same?

September 6, 2014


I keep leaving the correct answer and you keep marking it incorrect giovedi lavoriamo nel ristorante

July 24, 2018
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