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Masculine and Feminine Words

Is there way to tell whether a word in Hindi is masculine or feminine?

July 15, 2019


[deactivated user]

    According to the notes there are some patterns - most nouns ending आ are masculine, most ending ई are feminine.

    But like most languages with gender, it's something to learn along with the word. Remembering an adjective or phrase with the word can help. e.g. when learning cat is बिल्ली remember: बिल्ली खाती है and the verb ending helps remind you that 'cat' is feminine.


    is there no equivalent to el/la in Spanish? In that course, all words are taught together with the article. In this course, I have not noticed gender yet. seb and kitaab did not have anything indicating gender....


    Hindi doesn't have any definite articles so that approach wouldn't work.

    If you mouseover (or click) on a word in the lessons it will have an (m) or (f) next to the word to indicate gender. Seb is masculine and kitāb is feminine.

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