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  5. "رَجُل سورِيّ"

"رَجُل سورِيّ"

Translation:a Syrian man

July 15, 2019



There's definitely an extra sound between the words when you play the whole expression.

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yes .. it is a Tanwin or (-Un) sound following the "L" - I'm thinking they didn't put that diacritic sign for you here for simplicity maybe, not sure. Tanwin is like a sign for an indefinite noun. In full, the phrase above should be: رَجُلٌ سورِيْ - The mark over "L" (ل) is Tanwin bel Dham (-un)


Wy wouldn't there be offered first all new words in an english translation, like in other language learning sessions? That's like that now in this course from the beginning. In the other courses there are also being offered little pictures of the meaning (translation) of new words or phrases??


A little bit off topic, but if I say "rajul-u suriyy" (Most probably misspelled it) does it mean THE Syrian man?

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No. To have the definite article, you must add (AL) to the word: Al-Rajulu Al-Súriy (or more phonetically: Ar-rajulu-ssúriy). الرجل السوري
As you can see, adding the definite article to (man: رجل) would automatically add itself to the adjective (Syrian: سوري). Unless you are stating a fact: the man IS Syrian then the definite article is to be added only to the subject of the sentence: الرجل سوري (al-rajulu súriy).
Speaking in the "indefinite" sense, or in other words without introducing (AL) into the phrase or sentence, would require the placement of Tanwin or Nunation to the end of the noun (and its adjective). رجلٌ سوري (rajulun súriy) A Syrian man.
PS: The vowels on the last letter on the last word of a sentence or phrase can be dropped because, simply, the speech is over at this point and no profit is gained typically from adding the last vowel there.


You've shown us how to say The Syrian man. But how would you say "the man is Syrian"?

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Actually it is up there in the explanation: الرجل سوري (al-rajulu súriy) - the definite article is added to the subject only while the predicate remains undefined.


This app contradicts itself,how can إمراة أمريكية turn to be Syrian man.It cuts me for typing 'an American woman'

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