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"The people of Tanzania are nice"

Translation:Watu wa Tanzania ni wazuri

July 15, 2019



Would it be appropriate to shorten this to Watanzania ni wazuri?


you could, since 'the people of Tanzania' are essentially 'Tanzanians'


why do we need 'ni' here and not in other sentences where 'is' or 'are' is implied?


do you have an example?


Not directly, but there was in a previous lesson. I guess I was confused and the difference was that here ni functions as a verb 'is', while in other sentences there is an actual verb so there is not need for 'is' verb? But if it was something different and I come across it again I might have a question :)


In informal Swahili, ni can be dropped in some situations, but I don't recall it ever being dropped in this course.

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