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"أَنا مِن وِلاية جَميلة في أَمْريكا."

Translation:I am from a pretty state in America.

July 15, 2019



"Beautiful" and "pretty" are the same adjective, my answer was supposed to be accepted!


The word جميلة can also mean beautiful


I know this thing has been around for the a half of course but I guess it's better to ask late than never: what does the voice pronounce between the words "wileye" and "jamile" as well as between "jamile" and "fee"? It sounds like "tin" and I have no idea where it comes from. Can someone please explain?


I'm no native speaker, so I'll just say the little I know until someone comes along and explains it better: In MSA there are endings added to certain words -an, -tan, -'in, -tin, -'un, -tun.

If you see a double fatha or kasra that's the ending I'm talking about, but apparently it is sometimes pronounced even without anything signifying it above or below the letters...

When I learned Arabic in highschool I knew when and where it should be pronouced but those days are long gone.


Not a native either but: the noun endings (in Modern Standard Arabic: omitted in speech in most dialects, as well as at the end of a sentence or phrase) are basically:

-u (subject/nominative) -a (object/accusative) -i (indirect or after preposition)

If the noun is indefinite (i.e. there's no article ال) you also add -n, so:

-un (sbj) -an (obj) -in (ind)

In a word that ends with ta marbuta (ة) this ending is also preceded by a -t- sound.

NB (i) I'm simplifying the grammar in this explanation; (ii) these endings would be represented only by diacritics/vowel marks (ةً، ةٌ، ةٍ), but for some reason they are omitted in this course.


America es un continente, estados unidos un país por ende no debería aceptarse ese error de precisión, américa no tiene estados sino países


وِلاية Es la traducción de estado? O puede significar tambien provincias o regiones? Ya que no todos los paises tienen una división política de su territorio en estados.


No soy nativa pero sé que el término también se aplica a las regiones de Argelia por ejemplo.


Wilayah, i know this one. A Bahasa Malaysia word borrowed from Arabic. Hey orang Malaysia, tau tak kita pinjam perkataan Arab untuk WP and WP Labuan? Terimakasih penggiat sastera Arab dan penggiat Bahasa Melayu di zaman lampau yang saling menggunakan perkataan yang sama untuk memudahkan saya dan generasi baru memahami perkataan-perkataan pinjaman dari Bahasa Arab. Ada tak orang Mesia tengok komen saya. Maaflah kalau bahasa saya kurang fasih sikit ☺️

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