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"زَوْجَتَك أُرْدُنِيّة يا سام."

Translation:Your wife is Jordanian, Sam.

July 15, 2019





Well,I guess Mike knows where his wife is from,so why are we explaining that to him. This can only stand as a question Is your wife Jordanian Sam,otherwise it makes no sense,at least to me it doesnt.


Mike may know where his wife is from, but the sentence is talking about Sam.. :-)

On a more serious note. There could be a few situations in which you might say the above sentence.

e.g. Sam just said "I don't like Jordanians". You say very quietly "Your wife is Jordanian, Sam".


me too. i kept getting it wrong because it doesn't make sense. maybe it was an arranged marriage and they are just meeting?


You keep getting it wrong because you are still learning the grammar. That's okay.

English learners also do not understand sentences like "My heart bursts with pride", or "She was walking on air", or "Child is the father of man"... But they eventually understand the grammar. :-)


Shouldn't it be zawjetik instead of zawjetak ?



Sam is a man. If we follow Standard Arabic, it should be زَوْجَتُكَ "zaujatuka" - (1) تُ -tu because the phrase is in the nominative case (as the subject), and (2) كَ -ka because Sam is 2nd-person masc. sing.

In Duolingo Arabic style, "zauwjatik" means "your wife" (to a female) while "zawjatak" means "your wife" (to a male). So, it should be not "zauwjatik".

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