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  5. "a famous Lebanese wife"

"a famous Lebanese wife"

Translation:زَوْجة لُبْنانِيّة مَشْهورة

July 15, 2019



I wrote زَوْجة مَشْهورة لُبْنانِيّة. This should also be correct, right?


I think the order of adjectives matters in Arabic as it does in English. The sentence as given is more natural. Your sentence could be possible if you were making some emphatic point about famous wives, only one example of whom was Lebanese...


There should be a pop up or tab with an explanation on multiple adjectives placement on these type of questions, when I get these type of questions sometimes I feel I'm more guessing than following a rule or a reasonable thinking process


...يا جورج...


Again problem with placement of multiple adjectives

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