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  5. "I am good."

"I am good."

Translation:मैं अच्छा हूँ।

July 15, 2019



Feminine form can be acchi hun


Does anybody know how to get हूँ on the abc->devanagari keyboard?

It doesn't matter for Duolingo, because हूं is accepted (the result of typing hun or huun), but I'd like to be able to write it 'properly' with that keyboard. m doesn't do it, nor ñ.


I use Devanagari QWERTY and type:

h U ALT-m to get हूँ

Does anybody know how to type अच्छा on Devanagari QWERTY? I can get अचछा via ALT-a c C a, but it is not the same.


I forgot to say I was using Google keyboard on Android - where there's no alts for 'm'.

On macOS Devanagari QWERTY it's enough to type 'hu' and first suggestion is हूँ।


I added the Hindi keyboard, it takes a bit of practice, but at least it has all the options!


Oh actually it is the same, I had the आ form. :)


I know I can tell Wanna


So, duo you are telling us that you are good and Raj is bad huh, so mean of you duo so mean♠

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