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  5. "مُعَلِّمَتِك جودي"

"مُعَلِّمَتِك جودي"

Translation:your teacher Judy

July 15, 2019



How do I tell between the phrase "your teacher judy" and the sentence "your teacher is judy"? What are the grammatical markers in Arabic that distinguish them?


'your teacher Judy' is a phrase, but 'Your teacher is Judy.' is a sentence.

so let us say: if you have the formation معلمتُكَ جودي سعيدةٌ (Your teacher Judy is happy.) - it is a sentence. So in this case it translates to 'your teacher Judy'

But if you just say: معلمتُكَ جودي. Then it becomes an independent sentence meaning 'Your teacher is Judy.'

However, it is more common to use this formation as a phrase than as a sentence. A better sentence for 'Your teacher is Judy' would be: معلمتُكَ هيَ جودي. (literal translation: 'your teacher - she is Judy')




This doesn't make sense. If instead of judy there was an adjective there (dhakia) it would mean your teacher is smart. Now the translation your teacher IS judy is supposed to be wrong? Why?


I agree with VassilisSa. Also, Duolingo really should stop always labelling the source text as "sentence", when they're often phrases. How about the neutral "text"?


There's no reason "your teacher is Judy" should be incorrect here.


Your teacher is Judy

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