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  5. "I will not do this work."

"I will not do this work."

Translation:मैं यह काम नहीं करूँगी।

July 15, 2019



Shouldn't मैं इस काम नहीं करूंगा be accepted..? I've always had this confusion between यह/इस and वह/उस. इस-उस is used when the person or thing that is being referred to is not the subject, right..? In that case, couldn't मैं be the subject here..? If that is so, shouldn't we use इस over वह..?


The difference between यह/वह and इस/उस is not that one is used when it is the subject and the other when it is not.

इस/उस is the oblique case form of यह/वह so it is used when the person or thing that is being referred to is the object of a postposition.

When it is the direct object of a transitive verb, it doesn't take the oblique case and so the यह/वह form is used. In 'मैं यह काम नहीं करूँगी', 'यह काम' is the direct object of the verb करूँगी (no postposition in between) so यह is used.

यह काम करो - direct object of verb so यह
इस काम को करो - object of postposition को so इस


I don't know how I even came to that understanding that इस/उस is used over यह/वह, when the thing being mentioned isn't the subject. But that is something I felt so confident about. Thanks for clarifying and clearing my confusion.


Iss means this and uss means that


Why an 'i' ending? Isn't the 'a' ending correct for 1 Singular?


It's करूँगा if the speaker is male and करूँगी if the speaker is female.


In hindi in daily language we use yae instead of yah

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