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Suggestion for Modules:

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Give users the ability to mark modules they would like to practice more with a special symbol of some kind, like a red dot or something.

The ability to mark modules for more practice would help make my practice seem more organized and less overwhelming since I could indicate exactly what I needed to spend more time on without having to write it down or remember it myself, or wait a very long time for it to decay.

April 16, 2013



Interesting idea! I'll bring it back to the rest of the team.


Sorry if you already knew this - but you can practice specific skills by clicking on that skill and hitting the blue "Practice Skill" button. This doesn't let you practice multiple skills, but you can at least practice the ones you are less comfortable with one at a time:)

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Thank you. I know and I do use that sometimes, but I've now completed my Spanish tree and every time I look at that wall of gold I just feel overhwelmed. It doesn't decay very quickly and I know there are multiple sections that I need to systematically review maybe on a regular basis but I'm not sure where to start or end daily, which makes starting at all a little intimidating. It's not a big deal, but it would seriously help me feel more organized in my practice if I were able to tag or bookmark for review whichever modules I wanted.


Ah that makes total sense - I probably should've looked and noticed you were a very experienced user and already knew about the practice skill feature;) Hopefully in the future we'll have better ways of allowing users to customize practice. Thanks for your input!

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