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A call to Duolingo

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Well, I've been going through some of the questions of people about phrases and sentences and just now I've realized that Duolingo (or those who work on the Arabic course) are using a text-to-speech to spell out the words.

I really encourage Duolingo to use real recording if possible from native speakers. Unfortunately, I don't know how feasible this is, but at least to be considered for the future. Another point here is that I've found out many grammatical errors when spelling out some words and I'm not sure if these are resulting from the text-to-speech machine or not, and whether they can be fixed in the first place. Thus, it is important to bring someone who studied at least basic structure of Standard Arabic to avoid such simple mistakes in between the accusative case and the dative and other matters.

I heard that Duolingo Arabic is already out of the Beta phase. With such problems, I suggest that it roll back to Beta still (unless Beta here was for technicality and not linguistic issues). The course needs more effort to stand still.


July 15, 2019


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