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Canceled Duolingo Plus because of small Arabic font size.

Making the fonts so small absolutely kills the purpose of this app. Why pretend you are interested in helping people learn languages when you make the intricacies of cyrillic, semitic, and arabic fonts impossible to decipher because they are so small. I waited for over a year for the Arabic course and have loved it, but the small font has made progressing past the alphabet section impossible. This is absurd. Please fix it.

After reviewing the app, asking for help, and posting in forums with nothing happening and no response, I'm canceling Duolingo Plus. I'm not sure how else to communicate that this is a critical issue.

The Arabic team creating the course has done tremendous work. My partner is a native Arabic speaker and he is really impressed with the course.

July 15, 2019



I am using an Arabic Font boosting chrome extension called Wudooh and it is fantastic. Recently updated and superior to its predecessor "Huruf"

You can choose from 35 fonts and increase size up to 200%. I have it enabled at all times and can now read everything clearly

On the app I use a combination of zoom and filters but I much prefer using desktop for many reasons: typing practice, split screen for notes....


I agree with you that this is a way out of the current situation, given that developers are not going to solve the problem.
Wudooh for Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/wudooh/?src=search


It's your decision, of course, but I would always expect Duolingo to improve over time.

The course has been in Beta for two weeks now, and the team is probably collecting feedback (both through our use of the course and our forum posts). Then they will have to decide what to do, what's the best sequence, how to solve the issues, what resources to allocate etc -- this simply takes time.

I often find that there is a lot of impatience in the world.

Happy learning! :-)


I understand the project is based on a lot of volunteers, so I'm more eazy in my criticism. But I also feel the font size is to small.


Please don't give up ! Juliet569059 had a wonderful idea about using Chrome Extension Wudooh and it should help, especially if you were so motivated to learn Arabic.


I agree! The characters on the mix and match buttons are way too small. I'm sticking with it because I love it, but that's very frustrating. I might try that Wudooh app that a few others mentioned, but with about 60% of my computer screen having negative / unused space, I'd love to just see those buttons and that text larger. Thanks!


I have tried CTL-+ to make the font bigger when transcribing what I hear to the correct words. However, at some point, some of the offered words disappear at the bottom of the screen and no adjustment is possible from the side bar. Hence I have to CTL-(minus) and back to "can't read clearly". I have added the وضوح extension, but it only doubles the font size, rather than x10, which would be heaven.

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