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I have been thinking

So I have been thinking lately while learning about Indonesian, and honestly. I think it's the perfect language, but I feel as if I can not keep Up with my learning scehdruall. Just this week I forced myself to type and write all numbers from zero to hundred (nol ke seratus) in Indonesian and I felt so tired but confidant that I knew em all. I don't want to be too tired of Indonesian but I still want to learn it, and now my itch to learn it right now is bigger (Gotta charge my computer first). I keep posting to my friends in Indonesian and talking to everyone in Indonesian when I can and now people are getting annyoyed. But I do not want to loose what I have learned. I take notes on paper and in my phone btw. I want to keep learning it not only to impress myself and others, but to be able to follow my dream of helping people in need in Indonesia.

July 15, 2019



That’s great that you want to learn it a lot!I love the language, it’s just so perfect. I also want to go to Indonesia some day. Keep learning!


Itu besar itu kamu mau belajar banyak! Saya suka (?), ada sangat sempurna. Saya (?) mau pergi ke Indonesia (?) hari. Terms belajar! (I can’t believe I just translated that!)


Itulah hebat bahwa kamu banyak mau belajar itu! Aku cinta bahasanya, adalah sangat sempurna. Aku juga mau ke Indonesia suatu hari. Terus belajar.


There is really no other way to learn than to use it. I like to read and listen. There is lots of forums and some indo TV is good too. Having some context helps pickup new words with out going to a dictionary.

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