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Grammar in Arabic: Cases-Part 3[Genitive]

Yep I've got so much spare time in my hands to do another post. Thank God that it's the end of the year! XD


So today we'll be doing the genitive case also known in Arabic as المجرور al-majruur.

This case is marked by a kasra which is a little line underneath the letter which looks like this:

This case is used in 3 circumstances.

1- The object of a preposition

إلى اليمين (ila l-yamiini) to the right

في المكتبةِ (fi l-maktabati) in the library

2- ظرف مكان وظرف زمان - the object of a locative adverb

تحتَ نورِ الشمسِ (taHta nuuri sh-shamsi) under the sunlight (lit. light of the sun)

قبلَ أيامٍ (qabla ayyaamin) [a few] days ago (lit. before days) - Note the nunation of the indefinite noun أيام.

3- المضاف اليه - the second term of an iDaafah

NB: IDaafah is a grammatical structure, mostly used to indicate possession. IDaafah basically entails putting one noun after another: the second noun specifies more precisely the nature of the first noun.

مديرُ المؤسسةِ (mudiiru l-mu'assasati) the foundation's director (or "the director of the foundation")

غرفة التجارةِ (ghurfatu t-tijaarati) the chamber of commerce

Next time we'll be doing the accusative case and trust me that'll be much longer. ^-^

For now................

Peace be upon you all and have a good day/night! ^-^

July 15, 2019



You’re doing a great job!


Thank you so much for doing this!


thanks for all of your posts.
i hope the final duo course will contain these topics too, and won't focus mainly on the letters and meaningless syllables.


I can’t find your posts in order

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