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Support Help Needed: Missing Lesson Topics

Iʻm a PLUS user in the Hawaiian Language. I have 30 lesson topics that show up (From "Intro" down to "Sports" and "Music"). My wife, who is also studying with Duolingo, only shows the first 17 (ending with "Leisure" and "Purchases"). Her name is Anita Bardwell and her username is paMFVlFD. I believe that this is because Iʻm looking at something thatʻs, perhaps, only in Beta. Would it be possible for you to activate the "missing" lesson topics under her account. Thank you in advance. (joe@maui-communications.net)

July 15, 2019



Perhaps this would be better posted to the troubleshooting forum. https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/647


I read in another thread that some users have the new Hawaiian tree. Duolingo does "A/B testing" on changes that might affect learning to be sure the changes are beneficial. This is frustrating for a lot of users sometimes and probably even more frustrating in a course like Hawaiian with so few lessons.

It could take months for all users to get the new skills, if the new tree and skills pass the A/B testing. For comparison, the new Norwegian tree has in testing for 2 months and I still have the old tree. The contributor there said it could take 6 months for the A/B testing to be completed.

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