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"George and Rosa are from Lebanon."

Translation:جورج وَروزا مِن لُبنان.

July 15, 2019



I agree, the Arabic font is a little too small!


so 'am from', 'is from' and 'are from' are the same. Is there no conjugation of verbs in general? I am an absolute beginner so just piecing little bits together.

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Yeah. In Arabic, the verb (to be) is not used to connect elements of a sentence. It is used solely as to express existence and not as an auxiliary verb as it is in English. Hence, in the example above, you can remove George and Rosa and place the two names with anything then followed by (min Lubnán) to note that such and such from Lebanon. Examples:
1. I am from Lebanon: أنا من لبنان (Aná min Lubnán).
2. You (m) from Lebanon: أنتَ من لبنان (Anta min Lubnán).
3. You (f) from Lebanon: أنتِ من لبنان (Anti min Lubnán).
4. He is from Lebanon: هو من لبنان (Huwa min Lubnán).
5. She is from Lebanon: هي من لبنان (Hiya min Lubnán).
6. We are from Lebanon: نحن من لبنان (naHnu min Lubnán).
7. You (pl) are from Lebanon: أنتم من لبنان (Antum min Lubnán).
8. They are from Lebanon: هم من لبنان (hum min Lubnán).

I've skipped a few examples here and didn't give all the list of possible pronouns, like the dual pronouns and the feminine plural.


Thank you. That is useful. Wish there was a way to find your reply later. I am on android app and there is no way to follow this conversation. And it is a bit much to get all in a screenshot.

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oh i dont know much about phones - but dont you receive an email when a reply is sent here? (this what happens to me).


Very small letters! Still only guess how to spell Lebanon :(

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The recording is not clear and not quite accurate.

Lebanon is: Lub/nán


Masi bagus makhorijul huruf nya Indonesia kah? Mgkn

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