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The written word looks like "jayyad" but the pronunciation sounds more like "jayyid"

In the Arabic course "Descrip. 1" I see something like جَيّّد . Up till now, the transcription seems quite consistent and that suggests that the pronunciation should be "jayyad" but in fact it sounds more like "jayyid".

Can anyone clarify this?

July 15, 2019



For now it might be better to not rely on the audio that much, quite a few native speakers pointed out that the audio sounds a bit too... robotic?

The course is still in Beta. Hopefully it would be improved later on :)

GL with your languages! :D


Thanks for replying! Perhaps "formulaic" rather than "robotic", if the speakers have decided to present a consistent set of simplified sounds in the early stages.


The right MSA-pronunciation should be "jayyid". In some regions you will hear "jayyad" (in Levant dialect - as exemple in North Syria there is a village called "al-jayyid" الجيد but is often refered to as al-jayad.)

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