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  5. "Your coffee is water, Seth!"

"Your coffee is water, Seth!"

Translation:قَهْوَتَك ماء يا سيث!

July 15, 2019



We use to say, "your tea has become ice", when it remains for a long time and gets cold.

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Well, the expression above is even new to me as an Arab! In my dialect though we would say such expression not for being cold, but for not being done well (i.e. the coffee has more water and doesn't taste good).


this is really. bad. Arabic. Like really bad.

This sentence would not be used neither in MSA nor in any dialect I know of.

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Agree. And there are grammar mistakes because it is Egyptian dialect, not MSA


no Egyptian would say any sentence like that :D

Even in its closest relative Egyptians would say

2ahwetak zayy el mayya ya Seth

quite different than:

qahwatuka maa2un yaa Seth

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In MSA 9ahwatuka/ki is a "moubtada2" and must be in the nominative case. Such alternatives like 9ahwatak for a male and 9ahwatik for a female are Egyptian accents which don't make any sense in Standard Arabic


Egyptians would say 2ahwetak for singular male 2nd person, and 2ahwetik for singular female 2nd person.


Full ending sounds:

قهوتُكَ ماءٌ يا سيثُ.

(Edit: I got a downvote for a legitimate comment. It means that "I should be gone".)


Actually, this sentence is quite correcte and common... in french, for a coffee too light, with no taste. But i'd prefer to learn proper arabic here !


so the teacher is thinking in French... which is a bit of a problem :D


A silver lining: this sentence is a good mnemonic for the Arabic for water; think of disgusting watery coffee - meh!


Well. I like this sentence. It made me laugh. It's a bit rude, but if the person used too much water or not enough coffee, it is very descriptive.

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