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"I was a little sad when father suddenly fell sick."

Translation:Saya agak sedih ketika ayah tiba-tiba sakit.

July 16, 2019



Why not - saya agak sedih ketika ayahmu tiba tiba jatuh sakit


As mentioned, for "my father" it would have to say "ayahku", but as we already use "saya" the beginning of the sentence, we can't switch to the informal form (aku - ku) halfway through. Besides, it doesn't actually mention whose father it is.

As for "jatuh" - to fall sick is an English impression that might not translate directly into other languages


The 'Correct Solution:' is now being displayed in English. Not helpful. I'm having to come into this 'Discuss' page to find the correct answer.


tiba tiba is not ok?

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