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  5. "هِيَّ لابِسة تَنّورة."

"هِيَّ لابِسة تَنّورة."

Translation:She is wearing a skirt.

July 16, 2019



Is it supposed to sound like "taninura"?

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nah the whole sentence is wrong and the text to speech machine did a bad job in spelling the word out

the proper sentence would be: هي تلبس تنورة (using the verb "talbisu": she is wearing) instead of the verbal noun لابسة (wearer "f.") Using the verbal noun here is more like dialectical (Egyptian like) and not Standard Arabic.


Thank you for always pointing out inconsistencies. I rely on this app to really learn Arabic and you're a very big help to learners like me.


Incredibly helpful, as always.


It should sound like Tannuura .. and not all arab speaking counties call it that, it's called "jeeba" from french "Jupe" i think


Thanks for the help with تَنُّورَة. That's interesting about جيبا. It's probably Algerian Arabic through French colonization. The Egyptian Arabic loanword جونلة (juunilla) is of Italian origin (from gonna/ gonnella) but apparently isn't used much anymore.


and now there is a girl in trousers next to this sentence?

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