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  5. "E nānā pono ka maka."

"E nānā pono ka maka."

Translation:Look well.

July 16, 2019



Is "ka maka" for emphasis?? "Look well with your eyes"? Or do you always add this type of things, like ear or mouth??


doesnʻt this sentence really say, " look good the eye" or "the eye look good"? why does the translation only refer to "e nānā pono" and not "ka maka"?


Could it also mean "Watch carefully"? In which context would I use it? Mahalo


This was my translation as well. I reported it as "My answer should be accepted." A lot of these later lessons donʻt have as many variant translations yet, but hopefully the course owners will add them eventually if enough people report better translations.


"Watch closely" does work, FWIW.

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