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Help for Swahili

Hello! Below I've posted a link to a book I'm writing on Wattpad to help people with the Kiswahili language and Kenyan/Tanzanian culture. I know this sounds like some stupid self-promotion to get reads and stuff but I genuinely want to help people if they have any questions on anything I know I can answer (just a suggestion, I'm not trying to force anyone to) it would also be a good way for me to educate myself if I don’t know the answer. I, myself, am just a beginner in learning Swahili but I am very interested and take my research and language learning seriously (hopefully this book will be a fun way to expand my, and others knowledge:). If you need help on anything, you can comment below or on my book. (And if you are also interested in Spanish, I have a more advanced book on that language)


It’s short but I will expand in the future! I hope this helps! :)

July 16, 2019


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